Monday, June 6, 2016

Hoodoo Love Spell Success

I know on this blog I tend to be a bit of a Negative Nelly, trying to remind people to check their expectations about magical possibilities (in short: aim for Eve's Bayou, not Harry Potter outcomes.) People are probably starting to think I don't even believe in magic at this point! So, I figured I'd share a personal story of a love spell that worked for me.

I was spending six months in Scotland, and after about two or three I noticed I wasn't having much luck making friends and I was getting rather gloomy being alone all the time. I decided to sign up on a dating website, really just kind of intending to try to meet some new people. Came across a fellow who seemed like far from a nice guy, but he was obviously intelligent and seemed like he'd be a fun person to know at the least. We arranged to meet, and he was even more of a problem than I'd expected, but captivating all the same. After a couple weeks spent trying to get my head around this guy I decided, given the brief amount of time we'd be living in the same country, if I wanted to try this guy out at all I'd better just do it.

My expectations from him were very small, but still, as it seems men usually do, he was still managing to disappoint even those most meager hopes -- so often too busy to meet me, for some reason or another. Yet he was managing to be on my mind all the time. 

As I recall, the first thing I tried on him magically was I sprinkled some Come to Me powder on the street where he lived. It probably worked, as I did see him again after that, though I think I was a little dissatisfied with the speed of it. Next I left an oil-line at his door -- something it's hard to be discreet about when using a cheap conjure oil full of bright red dye, I discovered. But I don't think he was familiar with American style hoodoo practices (and really, even a lot of American hoodoo folks wouldn't know about oil lines these days) so I don't think he ever suspected anything. That time I used Stay with Me formula, and got improved results as far as him being more attentive. 

After that, I began using the Stay with Me on my body whenever I'd visit him -- in fact, since it was so heavily pigmented I began wearing it instead of lipstick and rouge. Results were even better. 

Then, after a few visits, I managed to get one of the most desirable items for a love spell -- a pair of his unwashed underpants. (This was achieved because he wasn't very tidy and left his dirty laundry scattered all over his bedroom -- my gain.) After I got THAT, the power of my spells on him went way up.  All I had to do was burn some dressed Fast Luck candles next to the underpants, and he'd be calling me on the phone right away, often before the candles were even out. We had a good time together after that, problematic and intimidating a creature as he was.

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