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Unhexing and Uncrossing Bath - Fragrance Free Sensitive Skin Homemade Recipe

  So many ritual baths of the modern hoodoo tradition are heavy with essential oils and perfumes. For those with sensitivities, these can do more harm than good. Try this for a scent-free bath that is suitable for uncrossing. 1/2 c baking soda 1/2 c kosher salt or sea salt 7 drops blue food coloring Combine together, and use the full amount for each bath. Do not use any other soaps, shampoos, etc. Be sure to wet every part of the body with this water including the head and hair (note you needn't necessarily soak your hair, but it must be wetted with the mixture.) Stay in the water till skin begins to prune. For very stubborn cases, repeat the bath daily for 7 days. 

Fast Luck Free Hoodoo or Voodoo Spell DIY

You need: Fast Luck Room Spray or Perfume Fast Luck Soap Fast Luck 7-Day Candle (if a branded candle is unavailable, you can buy a plain red or green glass encased candle)  Rose oil OR Wintergreen oil -- Fast Luck formula is useful for either money or love. If you want to enhance love, use the Rose Oil. If you want to enhance money luck, use Wintergreen Oil. Begin by spraying every room in your house with an X-shaped spray of Fast Luck spray. If you can't get the room spray, you can pour the perfume into a spray bottle and use that. Take a shower or bath, but wash yourself thoroughly. Use the Fast Luck soap washing upward from the feet to the scalp. You may use a loofa, shower puff or any other scrubbing item, but only use this soap and only wash in the upwards direction. After the shower/bath, dress the candle with either Rose (for love) or Wintergreen (for money). Light the candle and keep it burning in a safe spot in your house, where it won't be disturbed or become a fire h

Scamming Scammers -- but Who is the Scammer?

  Irrelevant Cat Photo for Illustrative Purposes Only I don't do as much spellwork these days as I used to because I got tired of working so hard and dealing with certain things. One of those things I don't miss... people who assume you're a scammer and try to "scam you back." Examples: ____ Person contacts me, "I heard you will do curse removal spells for free?" "Yes, if you have a curse and are unable to pay, I can do curse removals for free." "Cool," they say. "So, like, I think someone cursed me to not win the lottery, so, will you do a free spell to make me win the lottery?" ____ Inquiry comes in. "I want a money spell. I will pay you after the spell is cast and I become rich." I tell him no, I'm not fronting my own money for the ingredients for his spell. He: "Well then how do I know you're not a scammer who will just take the money?" Me: "How do I know you're not a scammer who wil

Success Water Recipe - Hoodoo or Voodoo Spell

  Take a clear container of water and, at night, place it somewhere where the rising sun will shine its light on it. Retrieve it the next day and add a spoonful of sugar and a dash of saltpeter to the water.  The resulting water can be added to washes, baths, or sprayed on the person to bring success.

Sounds of the Orisa: Rattles from the Lukumi Tradition

There's a largely empty outlet mall near my house. Some of the spaces are rented out by non-shops -- for example there is a theatre company in one space, and for a while there was an estate sale business taking one of the units. Last time I visited, there was an art gallery in one of the units. It seemed to be locked up (maybe only open by appointment?) but in the windows were a series of Lukumi rattles. The paper in the window indicated they are by Tintawi Kaigziabiher .