“This spell really worked! Thanks.” – J.L., USA

“I have been working with [a rival witch] for the past few months. I have spent over 12k and she is wanting me to spend another 16k on a custom spell. I wish I would have met you first because you don't yell at me and you don't cuss me out and put me down like she does.” – A.W., USA

“This was the best spell I ever had. Thank you so much.” – R.R., India

“Talia does honest work and takes it very seriously. Clear about what she can and will do, Talia replies readily with answers, reasonable suggestions, images of work, updates, and interpretations as indicated. Talia maintains respectful boundaries as opposed to playing on emotions. She’s a professional in her craft. I’ve seen positive movement coincident with her work, and I respect that.” – J.Z., USA

“Every time you did a spell on [my boyfriend] he’d come crawling right back to me.” – P.K., USA

“Your spells always have worked within a couple of days. This last one you did worked almost immediately.” – G.G., Germany

“I am so grateful! The spell you did for me did exactly what I needed it to do!” – L.E., Singapore

“I’ve tried many different spellcasters, but you were always the most honest.” – S.S., Australia

“This is by far the most genuine and comprehensive reading and customer service I have experienced ever! You have been a great help! I can't thank you enough for this insight into my situation. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends!” – N.L., United Kingdom

“You are a blessing in my life and family. I want everybody to know that you are a wonderful person and you’re honest. Again, I wish everybody was like that.” – R.G., USA