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Magic Books by Talia Felix

Death and Destruction Delve into the darker side of hoodoo with Death and Destruction. This daring book explores the secrets of Hoodoo spells crafted for harm, revealing the hidden arts of cursing, hexing, and crossing. With cautionary tales, historical context, and explicit instructions, Death and Destruction is a gripping journey into the world of malevolent magic, offering insight into its practices and their consequences. Conjure Cookbook Enter the enchanting world of practical magic! This extraordinary guide offers a rich collection of recipes, not for the kitchen, but for crafting magical incense, potent oils, invigorating baths, and transformative powders. Unlock the ancient and powerful art of conjure as you create your own mystical concoctions to manifest your desires and tap into the hidden energies of the universe. Includes rediscovered historical formulas that were on the verge of being lost! Conjuration This captivating book delves into the roots of American folk magic,

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