Monday, March 11, 2019

Intranquil Spirit Imagery

The standard "Intranquility Candle" is not actually an Intranquil Spirit design candle -- it's a design called The Omnipresence of God. It is a basic Catholic religious candle whose design is being completely repurposed. The main element that seems to have provoked this use, is an element of the design which, interestingly, is often omitted on Intranquility Candles -- a little circle featuring "The Death of the Sinner" which depicts a man being pulled from his bed (compare the line in the prayer which commands the victim be denied rest and never be at peace in a bed nor chair, etc.)

Some people also use Anima Sola candles in lieu of Intranquil Spirit/Omnipresence lights. In short, the Intranquil Spirit has no official imagery and all candles for Intranquilo are repurposings of other things.

Find out more about the Intranquil Spirit and how to cast Intranquility spells with THE INTRANQUIL SPIRIT.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Van Van Incense Recipe - Simple and Effective

I was recently preparing a mojo bag for a client, and though I originally planned to use my favorite all-purpose Nag Champa incense for the preparation, I was suddenly inspired to use Van Van instead. I did not have any Van Van incense at hand as I hadn't been planning for it when I bought the spell supplies; but I did have ingredients handy to make a batch of my own. This very simple formula was the best Van Van incense I have ever used!

dried lemongrass herb
powdered copal incense
lemongrass essential oil

I did not use any measurements, but you want a little more herb by bulk than you want of the copal powder. Simply blend these together, with enough oil so that the resin coats the lemongrass leaves. Burn over charcoal.

Van Van in primarily a cleansing/luck drawing formula but it also has a reputation for enhancing the power of other spells and formulas it's used with, and has been a popular dressing for mojos and other talismans for this reason. There are a few different recipes for Van Van but the simplest ones are made with just plain lemongrass. In the old days it was most often sold in perfume form, but now there are Van Van powders, baths, oils and incenses. If you can't burn incense, try this recipe for Van Van Room Spray.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Heads Up -- some posts on this blog being combined

This blog's been up since 2009 and has almost 500 posts at the moment. So I have been going through and combining some of the posts that are about similar topics, in order to make them easier to find (so instead of there being 10 different old posts all on one topic, now there should be just one or two.) If you have an old link and aren't finding what you were looking for, try the search box at the right hand side of the page and it should come up.

This is going to be a gradual process so not everything has been combined just yet. I am also trying to improve the tags on old articles, making them easier to find, and taking time to update dead links in the blog posts. This takes a great deal of effort and time, and this is why the blog's not been getting updated so much -- my current focus tends to be on editing old posts over writing new ones.