Friday, July 21, 2017

Heads Up -- some posts on this blog being combined

This blog's been up since 2009 and has almost 600 posts at the moment. So I have been going through and combining some of the posts that are about similar topics, in order to make them easier to find (so instead of there being 10 different old posts all on one topic, now there should be just one or two.) If you have an old link and aren't finding what you were looking for, try the search box at the right hand side of the page and it should come up.

This is going to be a gradual process so not everything has been combined just yet. I am also trying to improve the tags on old articles, making them easier to find.

In addition, I am adding some info from some other blogs I had kept separately in the past. Some of them were not entirely on the same topic as Spellcaster's Source but I think the information might nevertheless be useful to my readers here (and if not, I am in process of removing those posts.)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Devil's Formula and Satanic Magic Spells

There are a few magical recipes that I know but did not include within the Conjure Cookbook. I wish I could say it was due to some grand scheme like wishing to prevent the careless from misusing such knowledge or trying to protect occult secrets, but frankly, it was just that they slipped my mind when I was compiling the list.

So, here is a special recipe, which should have been in the Conjure Cookbook, but I had forgotten to put in:


Vandal root

Used in various kinds of malicious work.

If you enjoy Devil Spells, you might also wish to check out this bizarre little booklet -- Helping Yourself with Satanic Magic!!! (Yes, the exclamation points are part of the title.) Or, enjoy a little music with this piece attributed to the Devil:

Monday, July 10, 2017

Glory Water Recipe - Old Style Hoodoo, Real and Genuine

Glory Water is a recipe I did not include in my Conjure Cookbook, as it's not a super popular ingredient and I see only a few spells that call for it. However, it is certainly frustrating when one needs to get some, as the recipes and uses are all over the place! How can you tell if you're getting real Glory Water or, at least, a good approximation? What is it even supposed to be used for?

In some instances, it seems to mirror the use of Peace Water in being utilized for blessing and removing negativity. Other sources say its for victory and glory. 

Judika Illes in her 5,000 Spells says the key ingredient is orange blossom water, and that "without it, it is no longer Glory Water." Much farther back, an informant of the folklorist Harry M. Hyatt gives a recipe for Glory Water: honey, brown sugar and balm mixed into rain water. He reports that genuine Glory Water only comes from Africa or Asia, and everything American made is but an imitation. He instructs it be rubbed on the body twice a day for 9 days, while reading a certain psalm from the Bible, in order to get one's wish. (Presumably one alters the psalm to match with one's wishes.) 

The informant may have been right that it's an exotic mixture, but Agua de Gloria has its origins in hispanic ritual. It is made by soaking the petals of a native orchid in water to perfume it, and the resulting mixture is used in church processions. The recipe and history is given in the book Orchids of Mexico. Glory Water is scarcely mentioned in English language sources until fairly recently, but it goes back at least 100 years in Spanish-language sources. A 1917 article from the Journal of American Folklore indicates an even more simple recipe -- water blessed on the Sabbath with a Gloria recited over it.  

Knowing it origins, it is probably best used as an all-purpose wish-granting water, similar to holy water.