Monday, March 2, 2009

Paper-in-Shoe Spells

A popular and very traditional hoodoo spell, often used for any situation where you need to control someone, is the namepaper-in-shoe spell. It's very easy: you write the target's name 3, 7, or 9 times on a paper (depending on intent and who's giving instruction) then fold it up, sometimes after dressing it with oils or powders, then put it in your shoe. This "keeps the person underfoot" or "stomps out the trouble" or any other number of metaphors.

I have to say from my own experience, I've only had this work one time: I was working for a very unpleasant boss, on a short-term job. It was the last day, and I only had about 3 hours of work left on the project; and I wanted him to up my pay for the day since it almost wasn't worth the trip across town for the amount he was paying me, for only 3 hours. He was very reluctant. So I wrote his name 3 times on a 5-dollar bill he'd given me, and dusted it with Bend Over powder. He paid me what I wanted the next day. I've done this spell on several other people on several other occasions and never had results. Was it the powder? The added strength of writing his name on money (since money was what I wanted)? Was it the power of the personal item? Maybe it was all in combo.

Again, I never had this spell work any other time; and I do think the personal item was what made the difference in this, compared to the others. Everything else, from the powder to the number to the dollar bill, I had done before without success. So, people -- take note!

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