Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oil Lines

With as much recorded history as sprinkling powders, oil lines are a very traditional voodoo/hoodoo method for fixing people. The practice is not so much in use nowadays it seems, at least as far as reports go -- people, it seems, are now preferring to sprinkle the ground sparsely or anoint objects like stair rails or doorknobs with oils instead of pouring the liquids in shape. In the old days though, oil lines could be found laid either in a straight line across a threshold or other place where people would walk on or over them, or sometimes in an X shape. I've used the method with as much success as with sprinkling powders in order to magically influence people. The premise is much the same: the target needs to either walk on or over the line and on doing this, the oil will work to create the desired mindset in them. In some ways it's almost better than sprinkling powders, as so many of the quality occult suppliers won't use real talc anymore, and instead use this clumpy vegetable starch in their powders that can be less than discreet. Oil lines can be easily hidden in a sidewalk crack, on the edge of a step, under a doormat or along a threshold, and their power is just as good as dusts.


  1. How do you put oil on a break up spell candle.

    1. I assume you mean a jar-style candle, in which case there are two ways -- some people just rub a little oil on the top of the candle where the wax is exposed. I usually poke 4 deep holes in the wax with a pencil and pour oil into the holes to dress it.

  2. Can you burn a break up and a return to me at the sametime


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