Friday, October 10, 2014

Cut and Clear, Separation and Black Walnut Spells to Get Over an Ex

Sometimes a relationship must end, and one recognizes that it is best to let it go -- but strong attachments and feelings can prevent one from doing this happily. This is where items like Cut and Clear, Purification, Clearance, Forget Him/Her, Bon Voyage, and many others become handy. Separation is also a blend that is used to jinx a couple into a breakup, but can also be used on one's own self to ease out of an unhappy relationship.

I've seen people interested in these spells ask the question: is it okay to do them if you still want to be friends with the person? The answer is essentially yes. Some practitioners say otherwise, but there are a few important things to consider:

  1. If you cast the spell with the intention that it will allow you to remain friends, then that is an aspect of your version of the spell. Remember -- even a completely incorrect magical formula can be used successfully when presented as another (like the confusing matter of Goona Goona, originally a lust mixture now commonly used as a peace formula.) Just because a formula was designed for some purpose doesn't mean it can only be used in that one way. Thus, even if (for example) Cut and Clear was meant to destroy all bonds, if you cast the spell with the specification that you can still be friends, then that becomes part of your spell.
  2. Different practitioners say different things (this might be related to point #1.) For example, I once saw on a magic forum someone asking whether using Cut and Clear would allow her to remain friends with an ex. The forum owner replied no, and advised that if she wanted to stay friends with her ex, she should use the black walnut spell instead. Yet, Draja Mickaharic reports the black walnut spell is for "breaking off a relationship or any contact with another person" -- no better and probably even worse for the goal, from the sound of it! 
  3. A spell of this type is normally meant to do the bulk of its work on you and your emotions. If you cast your Forget Him/Forget Her spell successfully, you actually might not care so much about whether you remain friends or not. That is really what these spells are about -- making YOU feel better about the breakup, not eliminating options or trapping you in an unwanted situation.
Also worth mentioning is my own experience with these kinds of spells -- in all the instances where I've used them, I actually have ended up maintaining a certain amount of friendship with the other party even without ever specifying anything about that in the spell (though the degree of closeness and how much time passed before friendliness resumed varied case by case). In fact, I probably ended up on better terms with them in the long run than if I didn't perform the spells, since I'd have otherwise spent much longer obsessing and fretting about them, and probably would have wound up parting more painfully and with more negative feelings had I not used the spells. I suspect that, if I had wanted, I could even have rekindled relationships with these fellows at a later time. But, as stated with point #3, if you've done a successful Separation spell, you probably won't care anymore about being with the person after it's done. 

The Black Walnut Spell to get over an ex is done as so:

Take 6 whole walnuts (that is, with the shell still on) and boil them in water till the water becomes very dark -- this can take a while, and you may need to add more water before reaching this stage. When the tisane is ready, strain it into your bath water. Bathe in the water and pray to end the relationship.

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