Sunday, July 6, 2014

Magic Spell to Become More Popular

This is not a spell where you just do these steps one time and the effects are settled for the rest of your life, but instead you should repeat these steps regularly for as long as you feel that you need magickal assistance. The root kept in the clothing drawer can last a long time once it is put in place, but your body should be dressed with the powders and oils daily, and your house should probably be cleaned once a week or so. 

You Need:
  • Attraction Sachet Powder
  • Master Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Salt
  • a whole John the Conqueror Root
  • Van Van Floor Wash or Chinese Wash

Begin by bathing in water to which 10 drops of Lavender Oil and a handful of salt have been added. If you have never taken a spiritual bath before, know that you should not use any other soaps or shampoos in this bath (if you need to wash your hair or clean substantial dirt from yourself, take a separate shower first.) In the bath, scrub your body downward to remove any negative influences, and be sure to wet your head with the water. After the bath, dry yourself and dust your body with Attraction powder as a body talc, and dot your pulse points with Master oil. 

Store a large John the Conqueror root in the drawer or closet with your clothing, so it can impart its influence.

Wash your floors with Van Van or Chinese Wash. (Note: If you have only carpeted floors, you can either just wash off the walls and furniture with the wash, or, you can make a Van Van room spray to spritz around your house instead, after giving the place a thorough vacuuming.) 

This is a modern hoodoo style magic spell, so it's not just reciting some "magic words" or using visualization. Recipes for all these formulas can be found in The Conjure Cookbook, or the mixtures can be bought from any number of commercial hoodoo suppliers.

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