Saturday, September 28, 2013

Van Van Room Spray Recipe

Aerosol Sprays are sometimes used by hoodoo practitioners who cannot use floor wash or incense for one reason or another. Unfortunately many of the aerosol sprays on the market -- even when marketed for magical practitioners -- are nowadays kind of questionable (they tend to be just any old fragrance relabeled with a conjure formula's name.) 

Fret not, friends! With one of those travel-sized spray bottles and a few ingredients, you can make your very own room spray. For every ounce of liquid you will want about 20 drops of essential oil.

My recipe for a Van Van spray, based on Conjure Cookbook's Van Van Recipe, is:

25 drops lemongrass oil
4 drops cinnamon oil
4 drops rosemary oil
1 tbs distilled water
2 tbs vodka

Mix the oils into the vodka then add the water. Shake well before use. NOTE: some plastic spray bottles are a bit too sensitive for the high concentration of essential oils in this mixture, the result being that the Van Van mixture dissolves the plastic. A glass or metal spray bottle is recommended, or else store the liquid in a separate jar and only pour into the plastic spray bottle as-needed.


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