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Getting a Lover Back - Tips for Love and Words to Make Them Return Your Call Every Time

Return Lover spells are a common request at Lucky Temple (Now Hoodoo Online) -- probably the most common. Many folks, sadly, make such messes of their relationships within the first few weeks after the breakup that by the time they resort to magic, it's already too late. Reading this advice can help bring back a lover more easily by avoiding dangerous mistakes.

1. Do not initiate contact with the target, and if contact can be avoided altogether that is best. This should go on for 1 - 2 months, after which you can begin to gradually reestablish communication.
2. Work on improving yourself.
3. Do not be needy, depressed, nagging, obsessive or otherwise negative.
4. When contacting your ex-lover, only speak of positive, happy things, and avoid bringing up the past.

Steps 1 and 3 are frequently violated immediately and repeatedly by distraught lovers. If you are guilty of committing these for an extended period it will be a lot harder for things to cool down enough to reestablish contact under favorable conditions. Stop contact at once. Do not fear that your lover will "forget about you" -- that's exactly what you want. Giving them time to forget bad associations and to start missing you is to your greatest advantage.
Of course, identifying what went wrong in the relationship first time around is also to your advantage -- it's a frequent problem that even when (magic or no magic) people are brought together again after a breakup, the same problems remain and eventually the pair just break up again.

Syndicated article time -- but something of use to folks out there that read these magical blogs, for I can tell you without fail that bring back lover spells are the most common thing I get asked for at Lucky Temple/Hoodoo Online.

Getting a Lover Back - The Magic Words Used that Your Ex has to Return Your Call Every Time

Author: joshuaben
Getting a lover back starts with communication. However, the communication only comes in after some time of the break up as your ex will need some space and time to cool down and reflect. When it is time to do so, the one that initiated the call will wonder what to say and what not to say so that the receiving party will response.

Perhaps your ex is still upset with you and dun even want to answer your call the moment your number shows up. Perhaps they are busy or left their hand phone somewhere that they fail to get your call. All kinds of 'perhaps' and 'maybe' will be in your mind. You will never be getting your lover back with all these thoughts.

The good news is there are indeed some `magic' words we can use that work like magic spell to make your ex unable to resist but feel compelled to return your call.

What NOT to Say!

"Peter, please call me. I have been calling you many times since this morning, I have to talk to you."


"Susan, this is an emergency. Please call me immediately when you get this message."

Very obvious you can tell what is wrong with the above approaches.

What to Say!

You need to say something that can trigger the human mind which are Curiosity and Self interest. Combining this two forces will make a powerful recipe that can work like magic and make your ex return your call every time...

"Hi Peter. It is me Susan. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you did for me. Call me please so that I can thank you personally in person."

Peter finds it hard to resist! He would wonder what he has done to make her appreciate for. There goes the power of curiosity and self interest.

What I described above is only a very preliminary step in getting a lover back. If you apply this technique with no plan or any underlying strategy, your ex calling you back may be doing you more harm than good. What you do before, during and after you get them to return your call is more important than getting them to return your call. Please do not proceed without a complete plan.

Therefore getting a lover back is not a matter of getting a call from your ex but a complete plan that has proven to work and helped many broken relationships. You should find out from and learn the complete plan in getting your ex to return your call and know how to respond accordingly to get your ex back successfully.

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