Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breakups and Reconciliations

I would say 9 out of 10 of folks contacting me about magic spells are looking for workings to bring back a lost lover; and I would say 9 of those 10 have already waited too long or otherwise made messes to the point where magic is no longer a good option to help them.
For a while I was paying attention to stories of people who succeeded in bringing back their lost lovers with magic spells. I noticed initially a lot of people seemed to have performed the spells themselves, and at first thought that was what made the difference. Over time, however, I met a few people who'd had luck by hiring professional spells, and I even succeeded at several hired cases of my own. That's when I started to realize what the real factor was -- the people who succeeded were performing their spells right away, either by immediately hiring a professional to cast a spell, or by immediately performing a spell on their own. The folks who waited more than about 2 - 4 weeks usually never had luck.
Now, on that realization I began to always keep at hand Reconciliation Magic Spell Supplies whether or not I was in a relationship, just in case I should ever need it so I would be able to at right away. The question is left though -- what to do if it's already too late for magic?
A client of mine who had spent a small fortune on books about how to (non-magically) win back an ex-lover did me the favor of sharing the information that was given in all the books (the 'magic formula' was pretty much the same in all of them.) This tactic is:

1. Do not initiate contact with the target, and if contact can be avoided altogether that is best. This should go on for 1 - 2 months, after which you can begin to gradually reestablish communication.
2. Work on improving yourself.
3. Do not be needy, depressed, nagging, obsessive or otherwise negative.
4. When contacting your ex-lover, only speak of positive, happy things, and avoid bringing up the past.

Steps 1 and 3 are frequently violated immediately and repeatedly by distraught lovers. If you are guilty of committing these for an extended period it will be a lot harder for things to cool down enough to reestablish contact under favorable conditions. Stop contact at once. Do not fear that your lover will "forget about you" -- that's exactly what you want. Giving them time to forget bad associations and to start missing you is to your greatest advantage.
Of course, identifying what went wrong in the relationship first time around is also to your advantage -- it's a frequent problem that even when (magic or no magic) people are brought together again after a breakup, the same problems remain and eventually the pair just break up again.

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