Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Queen of Tibet - Hoodoo, Wicca and Witchcraft Oil Formula

When I was a kid in the early 90s, I started developing an interest in perfumes. Neither of my parents used them or liked them, but they wanted to encourage me in my interests, so they would give me whatever samples they came across, and sometimes take me to perfume counters at malls to examine different fragrances.

One sample I was given was a tiny frosted glass bottle of Queen of Tibet perfume. It had an orange color, and the scent was what I would now recognize to be mostly musk and citrus. It was one of the nicer samples I had, and I liked the image of the name, so even though I didn't really like the scent the best (I'm more of a tea rose type) I used it when I used perfumes.

Whatever company made Queen of Tibet perfume seems to be gone, and it looks like it wasn't overall a very popular scent -- no old bottles for sale on eBay, no references to it surviving in Google Books. Yet as an adult, I was a little surprised to see Queen of Tibet oil listed in Anna Riva's Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils. "Exotic, tantalizing, spellbinding! A producer of passion," she writes when describing it. "This very special oil is used by those who want the most, need the most, and expect the most of everything out of life."

Indeed, Googling Queen of Tibet mostly turns up conjure supplies. The old perfume has been adopted by the occult market, as with Hoyt's and Florida Water.

Papa Jim's Magical Oil Spellbook says it is "for the person that wants to become very powerful and famous... it will draw very famous people to you. Gets the most out of life. Exotic love oil to induce mad passion from your love." 

Llewellyn's Complete Formulary suggests it be made from jasmine, lotus, musk and sandalwood. Not a bad guess, and certainly those ingredients are good towards the purpose, but I remember the original perfume well and this is just not the right combo. Musk, bergamot and lemon with a little sandalwood gets nearer to the scent I remember; there was also something woody, like maybe patchouli and cedarwood. I'd need to mix up a batch to really get the quantities down but this is pretty much what I remember the scent to be like. 

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