Monday, August 20, 2018

The Ultimate Road Opener Spell for Opportunity, Life Change and Good Luck

Let's face it, sometimes the basic dressed candle spell just doesn't cut it. When I needed some serious road opening, I devised this extra powerful Road Opener spellcast. It uses some additional products, not just Road Opener/Abre Camino formulas, in order to provide some much needed oompf.

This spell is intended to be done for yourself, but if you want to do it for another person you will need to get them to cooperate with the bathing, spraying, etc.

If you have been having very bad luck, you might want to do an additional uncrossing spell before beginning this, to ensure it's not the result of a curse or other spiritual problem.

you need:

Begin by taking a bath, scenting your water with a large splash of Florida Water. Don't skimp on this -- you want to be surrounded with the scent and leave the bath nicely perfumed. Stay in the water for  at least 30 minutes. Wash yourself downwards (to remove negativity.) When done, take a cupful of the bathwater. Go outside to a crossroads and deposit the water there. (Some people like to do this at a particular time of day, usually dawn for drawing new influence, sundown for removing old influence, or midnight for power. You can do it this way, in accordance with your wishes for this spell.)

Mix a bit of Road Opener oil and Glory Water, and sprinkle it around the walkway to your home. If you aren't able to do this (like you live in an apartment where people will complain) you can make a line of the water at your own front doorway.

Mix up the citrine, lemongrass oil and alcohol in a spray bottle to make a heavily scented mixture that you can use as a room spray. Spray this mixture around your house, or any place related to your intentions (such as your office if you want to open new job opportunities) every day. This should be done for as long as you need it.

Prepare the candles by washing them with Florida Water. On the orange candle only, carve your name 7 times. On each of the white candles, carve the word "opportunity" or some other word representing your wish, 7 times.

Dress the orange candle with Road Opener oil. Dress the white candles with Shifting Sands oil and sugar (this sugar is important, to sweeten the spell and ensure that the changes it creates will be pleasant ones.) Arrange the white candles in a square and the orange candle in the center of them.

Light some copal incense while declaring your wishes for open roads to new opportunity, and then light the five candles. Let them burn about 1/7th of the way down, then snuff them out. Repeat this for 7 days, letting them burn themselves out on the final day.

After all the candles are burnt out, collect any remaining wax and incense ashes, and bury it all in your yard -- preferably near the front gate or walkway. If you don't have a yard, it is acceptable to toss these remains in a crossroad.

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