Sunday, January 29, 2017

Satanic Love Spell to the Cigar, Bring Back Lover Magic from "The Intranquil Spirit"

This spell is one of many available in the The Intranquil Spirit Spellbook for bringing back an ex or a runaway lover. The Intranquil Spirit spell is perhaps the best known of this particular style of coercive magic in North America, but there are many other entities who can assist with such work, both saintly and demonic.

The tool used in this prayer is a Cigar, which the petitioner regards as a living spirit as well. Appeals are made to both the cigar and outside spirits. Some people might be amazed that Saints can be called upon for what most modern magicians would call "evil work" but the fact is the entities that fall in the general class of intranquil spirits are a much more neutral than their reputation would lead some people to think.

Please note: This Prayer to El Puro is NOT in the public domain, this is my own English translation of the original Spanish prayer. Do not copy this without attribution to Talia Felix. 

Prayer to El Puro (The Cigar)

A type of fetish prayer made to the spirit of a magically-endowed object. This prayer also calls upon extra help from demons, spirits and saints. Write the lover’s name in blood on a cigar, and burn it like an incense stick while reciting.

Cigar, cigar, cigar, I conjure you
by the ability you hold and that
God gives you, I ask that you
penetrate the heart of
________, that he have no
peace for eating nor sleeping nor
playing any time he’s not by my
side; that he have no pleasure
with a woman, not widowed nor
married nor single, Satan, Satan,
Satan; Luzbel, Luzbel, Luzbel;
Lucifer, Lucifer, Lucifer, I believe
in you, I believe in you, I believe
in you to bring _______
groveling at my feet, that he
cannot stand on a floor nor sit in
a chair nor stay under a roof nor
sleep in a bed; that he be
desperate as the waters of the
sea; that he run and run and no
one help him until he comes to
plead at my feet; that he dream
of me, that he hear my voice, that
he follow my steps, that he see
my shadow. Spirits of Three
Advocates, Spirits of The
Sought-After, prick, prick,
prick. Saint Mary Furiosa, I ask
you to give me or lend me
something to penetrate the
heart of ________ and let
him have no peace unless he
comes humbly, cock crowing,
child crying, bird chirping, dog
barking, cat meowing, Satan,
Satan, Satan, I believe in you, I
believe in you, I believe in you.
Come, you bastard, come, you
bastard, come, you bastard.

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