Monday, October 10, 2016

Beware of Scams - Look only for Real Spells

I've posted before about the tricks of spiritual scammers. I've lately had a client who had unluckily tried to use one before discovering me, and has been giving me some accounts of the tricks that are used.

The spellcaster had lured in the client with promises that the spell was "guaranteed" and was supposed to work within 24 hours. (NOTE: no legitimate practitioner will make these kinds of claims.) When the spell didn't succeed, the scammer didn't give a refund, but instead began to insist that there was negative energy upon the client and that the spell would backfire if the client didn't give up more money for additional work. Happily, the client was onto the scammer by now and didn't fall for the claims. When that didn't work to terrify the client into forking over more cash, the scammer emailed the client from another email address claiming now to be a psychic who had sensed "a dark cloud of energy" around her and was warning her that her spell would fail and her situation even become worse unless she purchased an "aura cleansing."

It seems these guys won't let up once they think they have a sucker. Take care and buyer beware!

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