Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hoodoo Magic Herb List

Acacia - keep away evil
Adam and Eve root - good luck, especially in love
Adam root (from an Adam and Eve) - to hold a man’s love
Alfalfa leaves or seeds - to make money last
Allspice – for success, money drawing and for good luck
Aloeswood - good fortune, spirit contact
Angelica root - protection from harm
Anise seed - against evil eye
Asafoetida - prevents disease and keeps away police
Ash leaves - for luck in love affairs
Balm of Gilead buds - reconciliation, protection from jinxes
Basil - against evil; for purification, for luck-bringing, and for money drawing
Bay Leaves – protection from evil; victory and success
Bayberry - money drawing, luck drawing
Betel nut - protection and luck
Bistort - for good luck
Bloodroot - protection, job-getting, luck
Blue flag root - money drawing
Buckeye root - success in any undertaking
Buckeye/Chestnut/Horse chestnut - for good luck and protection
Burdock - protection
Calendula - make dreams come true, prevent nightmares
Caraway – protection from evil; protection against jinxes and against illness
Cascara Sagrada - for good luck
Cayenne Pepper or Chile Flakes – used for protection, for uncrossing, for enemy work, and sometimes to “turn up the heat” on a spell that needs to work quickly
Celery Seed – for psychic vision
Cherry bark - love and passion
Cinnamon – for money, for love, and also for protection
Cinquefoil - success, protection; also said to draw wisdom, luck, power, love and money together
Clove – love and friendship
Clover (four-leafed) - good luck
Coffee – used to repel witchcraft and repels misfortune
Comfrey leaves - for financial gain
Contra Yerba - keep away evil
Coriander seed – used for love, fidelity, and also for court cases
Cowslip/Primrose - protection and happy home
Cubeb - love drawing
Cumin – for protection and for peace
Dandelion – use for peace and protection; makes wishes come true
Deer’s Tongue leaf - for eloquence or to command approval from others
Devil’s Shoestring root - stop enemies and evil work
Dill Weed or Dill Seed – used for court cases and legal work
Dixie John root - good luck
Dragon’s Blood Chunk - love, money, protection
Echinacea – use for protection, uncrossing
Elder - protect from witchcraft
Eve root (from an Adam and Eve) - to hold a woman’s love
Fennel – for protection against witchcraft, misfortune, and for keeping away unwanted attention from the law
Fenugreek - money drawing
Flax seed - against witchcraft, for drawing money
Galangal - success in court cases
Gall of the Earth - money drawing
Gentian - brings love
Ginger – used for lust spells, and also used for protection. Like cayenne pepper it can add “heat” to any working
Ginseng - draws love from women toward men
Goat’s Rue - protection from accidents
Grains of Paradise - luck and protection
Gravel root - job-getting
Hibiscus– for love
Horehound - guard against envy and jealousy
Huckleberry - good luck
Irish Moss - money drawing
Job’s Tears - fulfillment of wishes or prayers
Joe-Pye weed - friends and popularity
John the Conqueror (jalap) root - success and protection
Knotweed - love drawing
Lavender - for love, health and peace
Lemon – use for purifying and uncrossing
Lemon Balm – removes unwanted influences
Licorice – for command and influence
Linden – cleansing and healing
Lucky Hand root - luck and good fortune
Lucky Rice - good luck with money
Maidenhair Fern - attract love from a man
Male Fern - attract love from a woman
Mandrake - money drawing
Marjoram – to keep away unwanted people and protect from jinxes
Master of the Woods - to command any situation
Master root - for eloquence, friendship, and mastery of enemies
May Apple - protection of finances
Mint – for cleansing, mental ability, and money drawing
Mugwort - psychic powers
Mullein - against nightmares
Mustard Seed – black or brown mustard is used for enemy work and to cause confusion. White or yellow mustard is used for protection and uncrossing.
Myrtle - happy marriage
Nettle – for uncrossing
Nutmeg – for drawing money and for inducing lust
Orange Blossoms - fidelity and marriage
Oregano – keeps away unwanted people
Orris root - attracts love; some say it works for both sexes, others claim only women can use it
Parsley – good luck and money drawing
Passionflower - love drawing
Periwinkle - fidelity in marriage
Pine - for money and for uncrossing
Plantain root or leaves - against envy
Poppy flowers - psychic vision
Poppy seeds - confuses enemies, protects against witches
Queen Elizabeth (orris) root - love and protection, especially for women
Quince Seed - protection
Rose petals - love drawing
Rosehips - luck
Rosemary - for purification, spiritual cleansing, healing and protection. Reputed to strengthen memory and for this reason sometimes considered good towards love and loyalty.
Rue - protection
Sage - against the evil eye
Sampson snake root - enhances sex drive
Sandalwood - against evil eye
Sassafras herb or root - preserves finances
Sea beans (pods found in the sea) - good luck
Snake Root - control and good fortune
Solomon’s Seal root - success and protection
Spikenard - good luck
St. John's Wort – for happiness and good fortune
Star Anise - psychic vision, money, and good dreams
Sumbul Root - attract opposite sex
Sweetpea flowers - love and friendship
Thyme – money drawing
Tonka beans - money drawing and love drawing
Uva Ursi - psychic power
Vervain - love drawing
Vetivert - financial and job-getting luck
Virginia Snake Root - gambling luck
Wormwood - protection from harm
Yarrow - for courage

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