Monday, February 29, 2016

Jayne Mansfield's Witchy Workout - The Magic Spell for Weight Loss

Jayne Mansfield (1933 - 1967) has the dubious honor of being best remembered for an urban legend about being decapitated in a car wreck and for associating with Satanists (who, it is sometimes said, caused her death through a curse cast upon her.) Her more distant claims to fame are being glared at by Sophia Loren, being the first major Hollywood actress to do a nude scene, and being the mother of the Law and Order SVU lady.

In the midst of this all, her rocking pinup bod is usually overlooked. Sure, in most pics she's either sucking in her stomach or wearing a '50s waist cincher, but merely holding your breath only accentuates so much. She had a figure that was the envy of many of our grandmothers, and would still be envied by plenty of teen girls today.

How did she acquire this figure? Evidently, with the help of a witch's broom.

Witches' broom is an important prop as Jayne Mansfield begins the exercise that keeps her waist line trim. It touches the floor as she bends from side to side.

This 1961 article explains Mansfield's favorite workouts, and it definitely keeps in line with her Satanic reputation. If you want to work some of Jaynie's magic spell for a trim waistline, here's the method:

To slim your waist line, kneel on the floor and raise a broomstick high above your head with both hands, one on each end of the stick. Now, keeping your back straight, bend slowly to the right side until the end of the broom the floor; then alternate to the left side. Start with 25 and work up to 50.

Another broom spell is the one for improved posture (a key magic trick for her slender appearance.)

To help improve your posture and eliminate protruding shoulder blades, kneel on the floor holding. broomstick high above your head. Now, bend your elbows as you slowly lower the broomstick down behind your back, gradually straightening your arms until the broomstick is even with your lower hips. Raise broomstick back to beginning position and repeat exercise 10 times, eventually working up to 25.

If you are trying to lose weight or improve your figure, these witchy workouts might be just the spell you need to get that summer figure you always wanted.  

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