Thursday, December 17, 2015

Spell to Return a Lost Lover - From the book "Homemade Hoodoo"

From my latest book Homemade Hoodoo, here is a spell for calling back a lost love. All the spells in the book are designed to be performed without ingredients that you would need to buy at an occult shop; instead everything uses common items which can be found at most supermarkets and drugstores.

 Return A Lost Lover 

● lavender essential oil 
● paper, measuring about 3” x 5” 
● permanent marker 
● a tall drinking glass 
● 7 candles (white or pink are best) 

 1. Write the absent lover’s full name seven times on the paper. 2. Put the paper into a drinking glass and fill the glass with water. 3. Pour two tablespoons of lavender oil into the cup (it’s fine if it floats on top.) 4. Put the glass underneath your bed and don’t disturb it till your target returns. 5. With the marker, write your lover’s name on each candle three times. 6. Each day, burn one candle in front of a window, until you’ve burned all the candles.

Old timers would have done this spell with quicksilver or mercury, which is not only hard to find nowadays but also regarded as a poison. Lavender is a plant ruled by the planet Mercury and is also known by magical practitioners to possess love-bringing properties of its own, making its essential oil ideal as a replacement.

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