Saturday, June 13, 2015

Magic Spell to Force Your Loved One to Stay With You

You need:

  • A sock from the spell's target (preferably worn but unwashed -- a washed sock is better than nothing but not as good as an unwashed.)
  • A sock of your own (likewise, unwashed)
  • A fidelity incense like Stay with Me, No One But Me, Only Me, etc. 

Begin by lighting the incense. Then, take the two socks and in the smoke of the incense, tie them together -- if possible, into 3 knots, though just 1 knot is okay if the socks are too small.

Hold the socks in the perfumed smoke and say, "What's been joined, let no one pull apart" and repeat this over and over, holding the socks in the incense, till the smoke goes out.

Hide the socks under your mattress, and be sure they remain there undisturbed. If you ever change your mind about this person you must burn the two socks together to destroy them.

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