Monday, June 1, 2015

I have to say I loved the spells in the book Old Love Charms and Spells. Did not love the fake Ye Olde English which basically consisted of adding the suffix -eth to every verb whether it made linguistic sense or not. Sadly I've seen this phenomenon in many fashionable magical texts.

I've also seen many texts that advertise their stuff as "old time" when the stuff in fact can be dated to the 1920s at best.

I was sick of this. I decided I would make a more authentic book of old time spells. And so we have  --

The Wiccan's Book of Medieval Witchcraft.

Note that these are not hoodoo spells. As the name indicates, they are more alike to Wiccan spells, though actually are not technically Wicca since everything in the book predates the creation of the Wiccan religion in the 20th century. They are nevertheless true and legitimate older European spells, some taken directly from medieval sources. 

Contrary to the modern perception that all witchcraft was banned in medieval times, there was actually quite a bit of what we'd nowadays classify as witchcraft going on -- however, at the time it was viewed as just superstition, folk remedies, or sometimes even understood to be legitimate science! Basically, as long as it wasn't being done with an intention of causing harm or sinful action, it was actually quite permissible. 

I am officially listed as a "translator" on this one, but truth be told, the book is, I would estimate, about 1/3 translation, 1/3 original material, and 1/3 reprints of appropriate public domain assets. It includes items that have never been before translated into Modern English (note: Shakespearean English is Modern English. Genuine Old English... well, let's just say there's a reason it needed translating. "Sceal betonican benedicte hindhaelethe haenep hindbrer isenhearde" means little to most people nowadays no matter how many times they saw that Romeo + Juliet movie.)

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