Friday, December 5, 2014

Roots of Hoodoo and Conjure

(from an old catalogue)

  •  High John the Conqueror Root. One of the most famous so-called luck roots. it is believed by many that a person carrying one of these High John roots in his pocket or on his person will never be without money and will be very lucky and successful in his undertakings. Many superstitiously think that this strange root acts as a powerful luck charm for winning games, drawing lucky numbers, and that it helps in love affairs, drives away evil influences and wards off bad luck. Some like to carry the root in their pocket or purse and many others have said they like to chew on the root and say they have had good results. 
  •  Southern John the Conqueror Root. It is believed by certain Voodoos and High Priests that a person carrying one of these roots in his pocket would always feel strong and powerful and obtain anything he desires and he would never be without much luck. 
  •  Little John to Chew. Some folks like to chew this root and believe it to be a powerful luck bringer for drawing money and love and driving away evil and bad luck. 
  •  Queen Elizabeth Root. Fragrant and aromatic, this Queen Elizabeth root is held in high esteem by many folks in our Southern states. Many people consider it a root of many lucks, to drive away evil and grind in good luck, and if carried on their person will aid them in attracting their loved one. 
  •  Devil’s Shoe String. This root is long and slender and somewhat resembles a shoe string. An old colored Mammy explains that this root, if placed around a baby’s neck, will drive away evil spirits and stop children from crying, especially during teething. Voodoos and witch doctors make many claims such as carrying a Devil’s Shoe String for luck in games and money matters. 
  •  Lucky Hand Root. This remarkable, mystically looking root has been valued by certain Voodoos, spiritualists and mediums as a luck root. Many say that carrying it on the person has been a great helping hand toward luck, and that this root would shake the jinx and make people winners and help them choose winning numbers. This may be due to the uncanny resemblance to a human hand. 
  •  Loveage Root. This root is valued for its delightful odor. If placed in clothes closets or dresser drawers, it inparts a lovely odor to the clothes. Many people also claim that it is lucky in love and will bring back a lost lover. 
  • Solomon Seal Root. This strange looking knotted root is liked by some people who believe it will draw much good luck. Tradition has it that this Solomon Seal root was much in demand for expelling and getting rid of evil spirits in sick persons. 
  •  Jezebel Root. An old tradition has it that this root was used by Voodoos and magicians to answer questions. Some folks consider it a root of many lucks and like to carry a piece in their pocket or purse and believe that it would bring good luck, especially in love, or that it would drive away evil spirits, devilry and troubles. 

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