Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to Use Triple Action Candles

Triple Action candles are those candle which are made with three colors -- typically you find them striped in either red, white and green or red, white and blue.

  • The red-white-green candles are used for success, prosperity and luck.
  • The red-white-blue candles are used for returning lovers, and for protection and legal work.

Some people like to burn these candles in sections, burning through one color on the candle with each day of spellwork. Personally, I feel this defeats the point of using a triple action candle (if you will only burn through one color each day, I figure you might as well just burn 3 small single-color candles) and so I like to burn these three-color candles all in one go. 

To use a triple-action candle, you can burn them plain or choose an appropriate dressing oil (or a mixture of several oils) for your magical purpose. Since these are candles used to attract positive influences, they should be dressed upward, or else in the half-up half-down style as instructed in Gamache's Candle Burning Book. Candles are typically inscribed (using a small, sharp object like a pin) with your intention or else set over a piece of paper on which you've written your desire. If your goal is to compel love from a certain person, it's typical to write just the names of the couple-to-be. 

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