Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to Ensure Effective Magic Spell Casting

Everyone wants to make certain their spellcast will be effective and not a waste of money or a scam. What is the best way to ensure success with magic?

  1. USE MAGIC TO SUPPLEMENT SCIENCE, NOT TO REPLACE IT. There are some people who for whatever reason don't trust science and medicine, and want magic to solve medical or mechanical issues that normally would be easy to resolve by mundane methods. For example, I get a lot of people who want magic spells to, effectively, perform cosmetic surgery. "I want a spell to have larger breasts!" "I want a spell to change my face!" Okay, but the thing is -- such a spell probably won't reasonlessly cause these events. In fact, since magic usually takes the path of least resistance, it probably will just make it easier for you to find a medical practitioner who will do this work for you on a tangible level; or else, if there is a natural way for your request to be fulfilled, it's still not going to go against nature. Magic doesn't just make things happen for no reason. There is cause and effect at work -- that's why it's so difficult to prove magic to a skeptic.
  2. DON'T GET MULTIPLE SPELLS CAST FOR THE SAME PURPOSE. The only exceptions to this are if you either have done a past spell that you're already certain has failed or won't work; or if you're seeking an outcome that needs to be built towards with many spells over time (as with elaborate intentions or big life-changing payoffs.) For everything else, more spells does not help the odds of success, and in fact hiring multiple spell casters for needlessly repeating the same job is often just another symptom of obsession and dread (i.e. negative energy.) 
  3. DON'T USE MAGIC AS A FINAL RESORT OR LAST HOPE. If you've really exhausted all possible means to your end, then odds are a spell won't help anymore. Again, magic doesn't just make stuff happen for no reason -- it still follows the general rules of everyday life. Say you want to gain citizenship to the country of Barataria and you've exhausted all options -- you don't meet any of the citizenship requirements and it's one of those countries where even marrying a citizen won't help. If there seriously is no possible loophole or change you can make to your eligibility, then the spell isn't going to invent one from nothing. For a magic spell that works, you're going to need to have something left for the magic to work with. This is another reason why magic works best as a supplement to other, practical effort; to be used before you've ruined your chances or exhausted your options.
  4.  HAVE A CARELESS ATTITUDE TO THE OUTCOME. A positive attitude really is what's needed, but many people mistake positive thinking as merely being a stubborn refusal to admit or acknowledge obstacles and problems, or else believe that obsessively fantasizing about their ideal outcome out of dread of failure means positive thinking. As I've explained in a past post, truly positive thinking is the kind of mindset where any outcome is going to be satisfying; and that attitude is normally bred of genuinely not caring whether the spell works or not. This is why advice like "occupy yourself with something else" is important -- if you get involved with some other activity so that the thing you got a spell for becomes less important in your life, it can help you to avoid putting excessive involvement and harmful worry into your magic spell cast. Casting a spell and then forgetting about it almost always gets better results (and generally increased happiness regardless of the spell) than constant fretting and checking up "if it's working yet."
  5. DON'T UPSET YOUR SPELL CASTER. There are some people who -- presumably out of desire to emphasize the importance the spellwork has to them -- try to make the spellcaster care as much about the work and its outcome as they do. They want to make sure the caster does the best possible job, and moreover they want the caster to understand their pain and worry. However, doing this is not a good idea, and even negates a lot of the virtues in hiring a spell caster to perform a spell for you. Inspiring negative and fretful feelings in the caster is not going to help the spell any more than your own negative and fretful feelings will help. If you get the caster to truly care about the work at the same level of concern you have, then all you've gained is another person who is liable to fret and fuss over the spell outcome -- and the negative impact of such hand-wringing has already been explained.
  6. EXPECT TO MAKE AN EFFORT. Sometimes you get lucky and the magic will take care of everything for you without your having to lift a finger; but most times, you will need to make reasonable mundane efforts toward a goal. Example: if you do a spell to get a job, you probably need to send out resumes or read the Help Wanted ads to find leads. Of course it's possible that you might get a call out of the blue asking you to work for someone that's heard of you, but the odds of success go way up when you provide more avenues for the magic to work through. 
  7. STAY AWAY FROM SCAMMERS. Be skeptical of claims that your problems are caused by a curse or by a "dark energy" -- especially if it's going to be curiously expensive to remedy or if the cure involves having sex with the spellcaster or withdrawing all your money from the bank. Never believe in a money back guarantee; at best, it's true that you get your money back but only because no work was ever done in the first place. In most cases, there will be hidden "fees" that are really non-refundable or, alternately, the magician just takes your money and runs when you ask for your refund. Be suspect of anyone who claims 99% success rate, and steer clear of anyone who attests 110% success. Don't believe someone who promises the moon -- if they were really that good, they probably wouldn't be selling affordably priced magic spells online. 
Magic has value and can be a wonderful bringer of joy and success. Just be sure to use it responsibly and you won't go wrong. 

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  1. The best results I've ever had were when my targets were aware I was doing spellwork, though I never admitted it was on them, and even if they didn't practice or consciously believe in spells, the mere suggestion seemed to work on their subconscious to create suspicion and fear. This made them susceptible to the influence. I'd like to figure out how to ensure when this would be the case and steer clear of raising their subconscious defenses.


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