Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why Can't I Find a Girlfriend? Why Don't Girls Like Nice Guys?

Speaking as a what is generally considered to be an attractive (albeit eccentric) female, I have given this question a bit of thought. Everyone likes a nice person. Why don't women seem to like Nice Guys for romantic partners? I'd say I like nice guys, but from time to time I have even observed myself passing over a "nice guy" in favor of a more ill-behaved bloke. But why? Well, obviously, each guy is different and so each case is different -- it's not one lone reason that all the world's Nice Guys are being rejected. The reasons really are as varied as the men, and women, who should find themselves in the situation. Here, however, are some commonly repeated scenari I have endured... take note, Nice Guys, for you might find your problem here. And remember -- Whatever your problem, using a hoodoo love spell can help you to overcome it by enhancing your charisma and making you a more successful person.


  1. You're not after a nice girl. Although the "bad girls" can be exciting to pursue and to be around, it's a risky bet that one such female is really even looking for a "nice guy" to complete her. One gets to be "bad" for a reason, afterall -- and it usually involves taking advantage of lesser beings, which from her viewpoint may include you (especially if you've gone too far and have surpassed the point of Nice, into the realm of being a Doormat.) It's also possible that a woman is openly nice, but for whatever reason doesn't perceive herself as being so, in which case a "nice guy" perhaps doesn't correspond with the image of herself that she wishes to live by. 
  1. You're not actually nice. Maybe you're just acting in a way that agrees with what you perceive as "nice" in order to get laid. Unless you're a serious sociopath, girls can usually sense feigned niceness, and that you're probably not going to keep this up in the long run once they've provided you with what you're seeking (usually sex.) It's like on South Park, where Kyle scolds Cartman's effort at being nice by informing him, "That's not being nice. That's just wearing a nice sweater." Another scenario I have seen is one wherein the man is actually trying to use "niceness" as a way to control the girl he's after. Subjected to this myself, the giveaway was when I refused the man's exceedingly (but blatantly conditional) "nice" offer and he responded with anger and outrage at my rejection of it. If that's your idea of nice, get lost and have a nice day.
  1. You're too focused on being nice. Maybe you are naturally nice, but, your focus on impressing the girl with niceness is so predominant that you're neglecting to show off any of your other good qualities. Niceness is nice, but it can't generally be someone's sole personality trait. Good conversation, having things in common, being interesting or intelligent, maybe even (dare I say it) looking good are all other qualities that can be just as important towards getting a woman to like you. Remember -- there are nice people all around us in the world, and an attractive female with a good personality is probably used to men being nice to her quite regularly. You will have to bring something else to the table, in order to stand out as a person she'll want to have for a mate. 
  1. You're nice but you're too insecure. It's problematic if a guy (or girl, for that matter) doesn't even like himself. You have to have some amount of confidence to make yourself desirable to others, and to be able to happily hold your own in a relationship. Try getting your own life and feelings in order before aiming to subject someone else to them.

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