Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Icelandic Money-Drawing Ritual: Necropants

And some people think Goofer Dust is too icky to deal with. Well, check out this traditional icelandic spell, the NECROPANTS.
The talisman for the necropants.
These are made by first securing permission from a man to use his body after death for this purpose. Reportedly, friends would sometimes make a pact that whichever died first, would become the source for the other's necropants. 
The dead man needed to be exhumed after burial and skinned in one piece from the waist down. The magician would then put on this skin over his own legs like pants. He needed, next, to place into the scrotum a talisman, and a special coin: it needed to have been stolen from a poor widow on Christmas, Easter or Pentecost. Once this was done, as long as the coin and talisman stayed in place and the pants stayed on, the necropants would always attract money.
The necropants could not be removed without losing their power; however, they could be passed on to another person. To maintain effectiveness, they needed to be stepped into immediately by the new owner; for example, if the magician began taking them off, as soon as he stepped out of the right leg of the pants, the new owner needed to step into that leg even before the magician had removed the left leg. By maintaining this, the necropants could be passed on across generations. 
However, the magician's soul might be in jeopardy from the act of wearing the necropants, and he should always seek to remove the pants before his death.

Allegedly, the Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft Museum has a real pair of necropants in their collection, though their display case in the museum only exhibits a latex reproduction. 

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