Monday, November 18, 2013

Hoodoo Spell to Win the Lottery

I make no promises about this spell, frankly I probably wouldn't even want to bother with it as I think spells for winning the lotto are a poor application of magic, but here's a spell designed for the purpose if you want to give it a try:

Lottery Spell

Influence incense
Money Drawing incense
Jinx Killer incense
Lucky 13 powder
Money Drawing powder
Precipitado powder
Lady Luck oil
Wealthy Way oil
yellow votive light
number candles (matching the ticket)
a saucer
hair of target

Whatever numbers have been bet, buy number candles (birthday candles shaped like numbers) and fill each one with some hair of the target. Dress the numbers with Wealthy Way oil and Money Drawing powder. Dress the Lotto ticket with Lucky 13 powder, and place it under a saucer. Then dress the yellow candle with Lady Luck oil, Precipitado and Lucky 13 powder, and set the candle atop the saucer. Mix the three types of incense together with a little Precipitado as well. Light the incense, and then light all the candles, as far in advance of the drawing as you can.

Let me know if you actually win with this...

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