Monday, June 17, 2013

Bath Spell to Remove Any Hex, Jinx or Witchcraft

This easy bath really works well. Use blessed salt such as Kosher salt for best results.

Mix: Holy Water, salt, and lemon juice together into your bath. Take your bath, washing thoroughly, and when done, reserve some of the water. Take it out to the road at sunset, throw the water towards the setting sun and declare aloud: "As the sun sets in the west, so shall the work of my enemies end in their downfall."

Repeat for at least 3 days.


In the past I posted about this wonderful baking soda bath from Draja Mickaharic's book. It is still one of my favorites! It is so simple -- add merely some baking soda (about 1/3 cup, or a handful) to your bath and soak in it, making sure to wet your head and perform the other requirements of spiritual bathing.

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