Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gemstones: Gift from God

Dragon Dreams Jewelry has posted an interesting little excerpt about precious stones from the works of St. Hildegard. Some pieces:

The devil abhors, detests, and disdains precious stones.  This is because he remembers that their beauty was manifest on him before he fell from the glory God had given him, and because some precious stones are engendered from fire, in which he receives his punishment.  By the will of God, the devil was vanquished by the fire into which he fell, just as he is vanquished by the fire of the Holy Spirit when humans are snatched from his jaws by the first breath of the Holy Spirit.
[...] they contain many powers and are effective for many needs.  many things can be done with them—but only good, honest actions, which are beneficial to human beings; not activities of seduction, fornication, adultery, enmity, homicide and the like, which tend toward vice and which are injurious to people.  The nature of these previous stones seeks honest and useful effects and rejects people’s depraved and evil uses, in the same way virtues cast off vices and vices are unable to engage with virtues.

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