Thursday, March 28, 2013

Arabka Soudagar

The earliest mention of Arabka Soudagar oil that I can find through Google Books is in 2003's Candle Therapy: The Magical Guide to Life Enhancement. The first I ever heard of it was in Judika Illes's book of 5,000 Spells.

The name is of an uncertain origin (though there is a Hindi phrase, Arab Ka Saudagar, which according to an online translator means "Dealers of Arabia.") It might be a case like Has No Hanna where a foreign word used for a perfume name was corrupted. I'm being led to think it originated as an incense. Mysore Sugandhi sells a rose scented blend under the brand name Arab Ka Soudagar. And that's the primary non-magical reference I can find to it. This type of incense dates back at least to the 1960s if not before.

Alternate spellings are Arab-Ka Soudagar and sometimes (especially in magickal texts) Arabka. The oil seems to be a kind of Success/Reverse Bad Luck blend, rather like traditional Van Van in use. 
I've posted before about a little known conjure formula called Arabka Soudagar, which is used by magical practitioners to bring success, good luck, and overcome obstacles. Here's a spell where you can put it to use for yourself:

You need --

A triple action candle (red, white and green) 
Arabka Soudagar oil
Shifting Sands oil
Road Opener oil
angelica root powder

Gloria incense

Dress the candle with the three oils and with the herb. Write out your petition for success/change on a small piece of paper, in ink, and place it underneath the candle. (Of course always burn candles in a safe place with supervision.) 

Light the incense, and then light the candle, stating again your wish. You can let the candle burn down in one go if your need is urgent, or for stronger results you can burn the candle in increments of 15 minutes a day for as long as the candle lasts. If you burn the candle in sections, burn more incense each time as well.

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