Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Magic Spell for finding a House, Room or Apartment

A hoodoo spell adapted from a spell at Dr. E's Blog.

You need:

  • Pullout candle -- yellow preferred
  • Glass Candle Casing (blank)
  • Gold Glitter
  • Magnetic Sand
  • Success Oil
  • House Blessing Oil
  • Paper and Pen
  • Tape or glue (for securing paper to glass)
  • Knife, pin or nail (for carving candle)
  • Gloria Incense

Yellow candles are used to represent many things, including items of value, like the house you're after. So that's why we're recommending that color here. You can also use any other candle color that seems suitable, or white can be used to represent anything. 

Begin by carving onto the pullout candle the things you want in a home -- this includes things like price, amenities, location... when I did this for myself I included traits like "washer/dryer" and "attentive landlord." As Dr. E says, reach for the stars and you'll be able to get most (but probably not all) the things you hope for. (For example, I did not get a place that had a dryer, in the end.)

After the candle is carved, dress it with the Success and House Blessing oils, then dust it with the glitter and magnetic sand. Drop it into the glass candle casing.

Then, on a piece of paper suitable in size to ultimately tape onto the candle casing (don't tape it on yet!), draw a picture of a house (it doesn't need to be super-detailed, just whatever looks like approximately a house or the kind of house you want) and write your own name inside the house. If you're moving with a family or with other people, add their names as well. You can also add any other notes or symbols relating to hopes for the house -- for example, a $$¢¢$$ sigil if you especially hope to prosper financially in the new home. 

Now is the time to tape your paper to the candle casing. After that, set the candle in the place where it will stay to be burnt for the next few days (of course use common sense, don't put it anyplace where it might be knocked around or where it will be in close contact with flammable materials.)

Burn a bit of Gloria Church Incense and smoke up the room a bit before lighting your candle, while stating your prayers for a happy new home. 

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