Friday, December 28, 2012

Symptoms of Psychic Attack

From The Magic of New Ishtar Power:

...A few basic indications of a negative psychic atmosphere that requires special measures to insure your continued well being:
  1. A sudden shift of mood from positive to feeling antagonistic or defeatist.
  2. An apparent shift of the mood of others toward you from friendly to hostile.
  3. Any unusual tendency to be clumsy or drop things. 
  4. Any strange urge to do something spiteful or hurtful to another.
  5. More than one sloppy (or worse) accident in any three-day period.
  6. Any reasonable feeling of being blocked from your good or trapped in a negative situation, even when you have done your best.
  7. Any series of happenings that feel like the beginning of a string of "bad luck."
  8. Any normally unexplainable drop off in your business or other regular income.
  9. Being ignored or slighted by more than one acquaintance who normally acts friendly toward you (again within a three-day period.)
  10. A sudden flare up of a chronic body ailment, any unusual or unexplainable pains or a lack of energy and that "draggy" feeling.
  11. Objects mysteriously out of place around the house and/or small things you apparently lost or misplaced -- or poltergeist phenomena such as objects flying around the room or falling to the floor for no apparent reason. 

These happenings may be a sign that you need an Uncrossing Curse Removal Spell to set your life back on track.

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