Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Making a Mojo Hand

The mojo, gris-gris, hand, or conjure bag is an important item in hoodoo style folk magic. Several different methods exist for creating these talismans, which are typically made from a cloth wrapper or bag surrounding herbs, sigils, animal parts, minerals, and/or personal items taken from the person the bag is meant to effect. 

Once the ingredients have been assembled together, a process is frequently undertaken to consecrate the bag and awaken its special mystical powers. This is an old process, adapted from info which you can find in its original form in the book Voodoo Conjure.
  1. Take up your nearly-finished bag, which should be filled with your ingredients but still open. Get ready to tie a knot around it, either with a separate string, or with a drawstring if your bag includes one. 
  2. Fill up your mouth with a shot of whiskey -- or just about any strong alcohol (bourbon, aquavit, scotch, moonshine, whatever.) DO NOT SWALLOW.
  3. Holding the liquid in your mouth, mumble without spilling it your blessings and prayers for the bag. 
  4. Tighten the knot in the bag and, at the same moment, spit your mouthful of booze upon it.
  5. This process of pray-tie-spit is repeated a set number of times -- three is often a traditional number. This would leave your mojo bag sealed with three knots.

As described in the book Conjurin' Ole Time (now available as Conjuration: Hoodoo Spells from 1800 to 1920) this spitting process was also utilized for feeding the bags to keep them strong and active.


  1. what exactly goes in the bag

    1. That will depend on your bag.

    2. has a few recipes. The book "Conjurin Ole Time" has several more.


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