Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Non-Coercive Magic, or: S/He Should WANT to Do It!

Magic doesn't really have the ability to force people to do anything they wouldn't do normally -- it won't overcome common sense. (Maybe in the old days it would -- not because magic was stronger in the past but because people had less complicated lives back then, where a little extra magical influence was all that was needed to turn a person one way or another.) Modern magic typically has the power to influence a persons emotions but not totally control them.

Now. It is not too uncommon, when I am asked for spellcast readings in order to do magic spells about love related matters, that I will perform the complete spellcast tarot reading, report the magical prescription... then find the client disinclined towards the work, on the basis of not wanting to coerce the person's love. "He should love me because he wants to!" they say.

Yet, if the man or woman of your dreams already wanted to love you in the way you wanted to be loved, wouldn't they already be doing so? (We're ignoring a for now few specific situations such as magical interference from other parties, which might be able to block this.)

Oh! Perhaps you think it's not really a love spell you need. Maybe you are just certain that if a magic spell were done that would force her to let go of her emotional baggage, then she'd jump right into your arms and start planning the wedding with you. Okay... but in this case, your own admission is that making her let go of inhibiting emotions is not your final desired outcome. You are only seeking this because you want her romantic commitment. What you're really doing is trying to control her ability to love. Or maybe there's a guy you're crazy about, and surely he just needs a spell to speed up his impending divorce and maybe lower his inhibitions a little. If that were done, you'd be in his arms right now while he pledges his devotion. Except you admit that the divorce and inhibitions are not your real desire; what you aim to do is win his devotion for yourself. You want to control his love.

Now, I have no moral objection to trying to control someone's love. Please, don't lie for my sake. Thing is, when you can't even be honest with yourself about your motives, it sends you hunting in all kinds of inappropriate directions for trying to achieve what you (mis)perceive to be your goal.

The result? You actually do harm to your case, and make it more difficult to achieve.

Magic spells don't like being used for these roundabout ways of gaining an outcome. Don't perform steps that you think might eventually lead to your desire fulfilled; magic will work best, rather, when you perform the magic for just fulfilling the desire and allow it to utilize whatever avenue is available and least resistant.

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