Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Burning Prayer Candles

In the Roman Catholic Church, candles are placed before a statue of Jesus or of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Often, in older or traditional churches, this will be before a side altar. Candles used may vary from long, taper-type candles to tealight candles. Tealight candles are either placed in holders or just on a platform in front of the statue. Long candles may be placed in a special holder. The longer candles seem to be more common in Europe -- the above photograph is from a French cathedral.


  1. Samhain oil deceased The longer , thinner candles are “standard issue” in Orthodox Christian churches of Eastern Europe and have separate altars to be burned on. Some of which are in separate rooms in temple, or even at very entrance of the church or in front of it. They are often ( altars ) even separated on those higher standing ones “For the living ( and Saints )” and those smaller ones for “the dead” . I’d upload a photography but the comment form would not allow it lol :)
    Nice post, many blessings to You Miss Talia

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