Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Lucky Hunchback (Jorobado de la Suerte)

There is a tradition that says the hump of a hunchback is filled with luck. Consequently, there is a pool of believers who consider hunchbacks to be symbols of luck. In the past, in America, it was said that rubbing a one's hump was lucky -- but nowadays, even if one can find a hunchback (unlikely, as modern medicine has made the condition much more rare) such behavior is discouraged unless you know him or her pretty well. But carrying of a gobbo (hunchback) charm or figurine is a tradition that made its way over from Italy. This too, is said to bring the bearer luck.

The luck and supernatural power of the hunchback go way back -- the Egyptian god Bes was often portrayed with this deformity, and hunchbacked gods or spirits are known worldwide. My own experience with hunchback spirit entities (so far) is they can help you get -- what else? -- lucky hunches [intuitions or feelings.]


I petition this power from your hump, for luck that I never had to come to me and create all conditions which I have directed. The luck from your hump comes to me, and I would appreciate you helping people in greater need than myself. I do not pray for the impossible, I ask only for the bare minimum. Thanks in advance, and Amen.

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