Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Incense Protection Hoodoo Spell, from Hyatt

"Tuh pertec' yo'self against enemies, yo' burn white incense an' smoke yore feet at the bottom with white incense. De incense doesn't come in a white-powder form but it is listed as white incense. Yo' smoke yore feet in that incense and as the smoke comes up, it comes up ovah yore whole body, but chure feet must not have socks on 'em. An' that rids yo' of yore enemies, protects yo' an' rids yo' of them - dey don't even bother yo' no mo', protects yo' 'ginst dem. If someone is seeking advantage of yo' tuh take yore life, it even rids yo' of that."

Note: I've seen "White Incense" for sale at an ethnic shop, and identified it as Frankincense.

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