Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blockbuster: A Newfangled Formula

In very traditional old time hoodoo magic, virtually all troubles were attributed to somebody having placed a jinx or curse on the subject to create problems for them. Consequently, curse removing formulas and recipes were used to cure these kinds of ailments -- mixtures like Uncrossing or Van Van being amongst the earliest hoodoo formulas for the purpose.

Modern hoodoo tends to feel differently and expects that a certain amount of struggle and misfortune is natural in a person's life; but for those cases when one does not wish to be held back anymore, there is a formula called Blockbuster which can be employed to bust down obstacles and clear the way to happiness and success.

Blockbuster is usually used with a black candle, and it is said by some that it should be combined with another cleansing formula like Van Van or Purification for best results because it is designed to only break blockages but not to clear them away. I personally like to always mix Blockbuster with some gunpowder to add an extra kick of power to it.

If you've been struggling a long time and only find doors closing in your face, and nothing you do seems to improve your situation, perhaps it is time to do a Blockbuster spell to get the energy in your life flowing in the right direction to help you and not hinder you. Wouldn't it be a happy relief to finally enjoy the things you've always wanted?

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