Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blancmange: Real Gothic Food

Blancmange isn't just a gothic band, but a gothic food! In its modern form, it's known as a tasty, if plain, pudding dessert...

"To Make Blancmange - one pint of milk, half an ounce of isinglass, or a small quantity of gelatine boiled a quarter of an hour; add loaf-sugar, and flavor to taste; strain, and turn out when perfectly cold."
-- Godey's Magazine, 1859

...and yet, an even older version exists, one that could almost be cleped 'gothic' in the sense of being of the Goths.

"Blawmanger. Tak þe two del of rys, þe thridde pert of almoundes; wash clene þe rys in leuk water & turne & seth hem til þay breke & lat it kele, & tak þe melk & do it to þe rys & boyle hem togedere. & do þerto whit gres & braun of hennes grounde smale, & stere it wel, & salte it & dresch it in disches. & frye almaundes in fresch gres til þey be browne, & set hem in þe dissches, & strawe þeron sugre & serue it forth."

["Blancmange. Take two parts of rice, a third part of almonds; wash the rice clean in lukewarm water and put it into a pot and boil it till the grains open, and let it cool; and take milk and add it to the rice and boil them together; and add thereto the white fat and the meat of chickens, ground fine, and stir it well and salt it and put it into dishes; and fry the almonds in fresh oil till they are browned, and set them in the dishes, and dust it over with sugar, and serve it forth."]
-- Utilis Coquinario, ca. 1400

You could also make it with black chicken and black rice to turn your blancmange into blackmange.

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