Thursday, April 12, 2012

Old Fashioned Whiskey

If you really want to feed your hoodoo mojo hands and conjure bags the old fashioned way, then here's the stuff for you! Apparently this moonshine is so disgusting, even the clerk at the store told me not to buy it.


  1. Or she doesn't like the taste lol. If your wanting one to try along with using to feed hands/bags, try this place, it's local to where I live and they have great flavors.(I'm partial to the pink lemonade, blueberry and strawberry lol)

    1. It was a MAN, baby, yeah!
      Yes, the clerk saw me looking at the bourbons and whiskeys and his first question was if I was looking for something for my boyfriend. I guess not many girls drink the stuff. (I actually do tend to like the cheaper bourbons, but then I always make it into cocktails if I don't use it for hoodoo -- the cheaper stuff is better for mixed drinks anyway.)


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