Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Gambling Hand

This is an old recipe for a Gambling Hand. It uses one of those old mercury-filled nutmegs that most people advise against trying, these days. I have a suspicion that the purpose of the liquid mercury comes from a bit of wordplay off "quicksilver" (suggesting silver, money, will come quick.) I like to replace it with some Fast Luck oil and silver magnetic sand: I know others who use filed down Mercury dimes for this.

Begin: prepare a round whole nutmeg by drilling a hole in it and filling it with liquid mercury. Then use some strong adhesive tape to seal it, making an X or a cross with two pieces.

For the rest of the bag you need:

a chamois bag

an eagle eye
a shark tooth
a lodestone
magnetic sand

Combine all the items and the nutmeg inside the bag, and sew it shut.

You dress the bag with a mixture of clove oil, cinnamon oil and "green-luck oil." Seven drops are used to feed it. If you lose while carrying this bag, stop a while and let it rest; and don't try to use it during the waning moon.

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  1. I think those ( nutmeg + mercury ) could be European in origin, and I see what You mean by “quicksilver” word game , for planetary, certainly that Jupiter’s or Solar metal would be more proficient for such work. In my humble opinion anyway :S
    Well perhaps even Quicksilver is more socially acceptable than dead man’s knucklebones. Alligator’s tooth , as I hear make good ingredients of gambling hands, so do Laundry bluing and Pyrite supposedly.
    If we could consider gambling a game for which manual dexterity is desirable I can certainly see how Five Fingers grass would come handy :)

    Blessings and thanks for sharing


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