Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cast Off Evil Hoodoo Magick Spell

For removing bad habits from yourself or others, for cleansing after doing "bad work", overcoming ill behaviors, etc. This is a particularly suitable version of the magic spell for anyone who cannot burn candles or incense -- while it's easy to perform with an image candle, the candle itself is not ever burned.

You need:

1 black devil figural image candle OR a black voodoo doll
Cast Off Evil oil
Lemongrass sachet powder
Hyssop sachet powder
Most Powerful sachet powder
personal concerns
wax or a 'junk candle'
white cloth or white paper, and string for wrapping

You also need to have access to a river, ocean, or other body of water.

Start the work a little before dawn:

  1. Begin by boring a hole in the base of the devil candle. Fill it with the personal concerns of the person for whom this spell is being cast. Also add a few drops of the Cast Off Evil oil before using your wax to seal up the hole. (You can use wax dripped from a 'junk candle' -- not a special spiritual candle, but just whatever you have at hand. Its purpose is purely functional.) If using a doll instead, insert the personal concerns by whatever method is most logical for your model.
  2. Dress the candle with more Cast Off Evil oil, and finish by dusting it with Most Powerful powder. Set the candle upright on your altar.
  3. Around the candle, use the mixed Lemongrass and Hyssop powders to draw a Star of David on the altar. Say any prayers or wishes you have for the spell, and allow the figure to rest on the altar undisturbed until after the sun rises.
  4. After sunrise, sweep the powders into the white cloth or papers you have ready. Lay down the doll on top of them, and wrap them all up together. Tie the package according to whatever method you prefer, or by the spell-binding method described in Voodoo Conjure (page 82.)
  5. Take the packet out to the river or other body of water, and drop it in. The water finishes the cleansing process. Walk away and don't look back.


  1. Ah very handy , thank You for sharing. I am just curious about one thing, though, what is so called "Most powerful sachet powder" and could any other type of formula be used in it's place

    Many Blessings

  2. Most Powerful is an emphatic powder, used to strengthen other ingredients. You can buy dodgy Most Powerful formulas from a few manufacturers, or I included a recipe in Conjure Cookbook for it that one can make, or you can just throw in a few emphatic ingredients like lemongrass, frankincense, oak gall, etc.

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