Friday, January 27, 2012

Mother Bombie's Witch's Bottle for Curse Removal and Spell Reversing

The witch bottle is a very old spell device. Its purpose is to draw in and trap harmful intentions directed at its owner. Folk magic contends that the witch bottle protects against evil spirits and magical attack, and counteracts spells cast by witches. Mother Bombie's Book of Witchcraft contains the following recipe for constructing a witch's bottle:

To Make the Witch’s Bottle
Which shall cure of all sorceries
done against ye

You must have a bottle which sealeth with a cork or wooden plug, in which you shall place the following:

A quart of your own water shall be taken and boiled with a paring from each toenail, and with some of your hair, for fire will burn away all evils, and as the water reduces so shall your trouble. Put thereto sulfur, XII nails made from iron, and VIII pins of brass. Add also a heart that has been shaped and cut from from leather or cloth, which you shall pierce with one more nail or pin, for that is the heart of the evil doer who must now be undone and have his ill work returned unto him.

All this to the bottle goes, where it is stopped up, and shall be buried outside your home, or if you are in the city, you may tuck it within your chimney, and for as long as this remains unmolested you shall be well.


  1. What if I dont want the spell returned?

    1. Then this would not be the correct spell for you.

    2. Is this spell retroactive, or does it only shoot back to the person if they shoot at you? Do I need a spell for this? How do I charge the bottle? Why do you use the heart? I do not want to kill anybody, unless they try to kill me (and that would just be their shooting). Can I do it without the heart?

    3. If you're doing the spell differently than instructed here, then you're no longer doing this spell.

  2. How long do I boil the water, Can I use match heads for the sulfur, and how much sulfur do I use.

    1. Urine, not water ("water" is an old way to refer to urine.) Match heads are not pure sulfur but they'd be acceptable if that were really the only source. supplies sulfur if you can't get it anywhere else.

      Quantities are really fairly unimportant and unpredictable here. If I were doing it myself I would probably reduce the urine down at least 2/3rds, and toss in a handful of sulfur.


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