Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Easy Planetary Incenses for Magic

The Obeah Bible (probably quoting Agrippa) declares that simple planetary incenses can be made to lend their fragrances to appropriate rites.

"To Saturn are appropriated for fumes, odoriferous roots: as pepperwort root, &c, and the frankincense tree. To Jupiter, all odoriferous fruits: as nutmegs, cloves, &c. To Mars, all odoriferous woods: as sanders, Cyprus, lignum balsam, and lignum aloes. To the Sun, all gums: as frankincense, mastick, benjamin, storax, laudanum, ambergris, and musk. To Venus, flowers: as roses, violets, saffron, and the like. To Mercury, all the parings of wood or fruit: as cinnamon, lignum cassia, mace, citron peel, and bayberries, and whatever seeds are odoriferous. To the Moon, the leaves of all vegetables: as the leaf indum, the leaf of the myrtle, and bay tree."

Most of these appropriate odors can be found in the standard stock of nearly anyplace that sells incense. Some common fragrances can be utilized for your magical planetary incense as follows:

Moon: Patchouli incense
Mars: Sandalwood incense
Mercury: Cinnamon incense
Jupiter: Vanilla incense
Venus: Rose incense
Saturn: Vetivert incense
Sun: Amber incense

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