Friday, November 4, 2011

Quack Remedies: For Restoring a Lost Maidenhead


Take a half-ounce of Venetian holy earth*, a bit of the milk expressed from the leaves of asparagus, a quarter ounce of alum infused with lemon juice, or the juice of unripe plums, a fresh egg-white with a bit of oat flour: from all these fashion a pill which should have a thin consistency, and you place this into the privy-parts of the deflowered girl, after having her douched with the milk of a goat, and anointed with pomatum of white lead. You will not have carried out this secret four or five times, before the girl will return to a state which will fool the matron who will be coming to survey her. The girl douching her privy-parts for several consecutive days, with the water of asparagus distilled with the juice of lemons, produces the same effect, anointing the party with pomatum, as is described heretofore.

*A type of white clay, possibly bentonite.

From the Petit Albert.

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