Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who Will I Marry? A Halloween Divination

For those poor souls who are yet unmarried and concern themselves with who or if such an event will ever come, Halloween is considered a special night for such divinations. There are many old European tricks for learning your future spouse on Halloween night. Here is an easy one:

You need:

Hard boiled egg

Before bed, and without speaking to anyone once you begin the rite, take a hard boiled egg and salt it very heavily: nearly as much salt as there is egg should be used. Eat this egg and the salt all over it. Do not drink any water or other liquids, but proceed directly to bed.
It is said that in your sleep, you will dream of someone coming to you to quench your thirst by giving you water or another drink. The person who appears in the dream to provide this refreshment is the person you will marry. If nobody comes or you don't have a dream, then you won't ever be wed.

Happy dreaming, and happy Halloween!

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