Saturday, September 24, 2011

Remove and Repel Unwanted Love

Being loved by everyone is not always a positive thing. Sometimes you may find you are attracting the affectionate attention of a person you wish would just leave you alone. Here are some suggested methods of dissuading such a person if you do indeed discover yourself in this position:

  • Wear Love Breaker oil on yourself as a perfume any time you go to meet them or are forced to encounter them.
  • Bathe with rue or with black cohosh root infusions to repel their attention.
  • Use the freezer jar spell to "chill" their emotions: take the person's photo or name paper and place it in a small jar of water (optionally you may add ingredients like vinegar to sour them, Love Breaker to kill their love, etc.) then set the jar in the back of your freezer where it won't be disturbed.
  • Burn Mars incense over their photograph, or carve their name on a human figural candle of the appropriate gender and dress it with Mars oil. (Mars is God of War and works contrary to Venus, Goddess of Love.)
  • Write the person's name on a paper using water-based ink. Take the paper to the sink and thoroughly scrub with soap and water till the name is obliterated. Take the remaining paper outside and hide it under a rock.
  • If the person is so troublesome that you want them out of your life completely, sprinkle powders of Lost and Away or Banishing when they get near you, in order to send them packing.

Now, if the person is also using love magick on you, you will probably need to perform some additional uncrossing and spell breaking magick as well to get them off your back. That is another post, but for now, use this information wisely and good luck to you.

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  1. Thanks I been having problems with this person. I had left him alone now he is back with greater power than before. My ora is absorbed by his. I think he used this years ago on me. I find myself being stupid over him. I used to be able to track him. Now he can show up and I am un aware of him.


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