Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spells for Getting Rich

At my hoodoo site, it is rare that I'm asked for a money spell that isn't just a get-rich-quick spell. Sometimes the client assures me that they know someone else who became rich by using a spell; but typically a little investigation shows one person or the other is greatly exaggerating or else using a very loose definition of the word "rich."

Let's face it, if hoodoo and voodoo were good at making people instantly wealthy, 19th century black slaves would have just routinely bought their freedom, and probably would have come to run the whole country due to their fabulous riches.

Not to mention if it could be done so simply and fast, probably nobody would cast spells professionally -- we magicians would just cast an instant riches spell on ourselves and never work again.

Magic will always take the path of least resistance, and unless you're just a step away from becoming rich already, a spell won't cause such an event to happen -- not immediately, at least. However, it is not to say that your finances can't be much improved with hoodoo magic properly applied. Remember, magic is not a last resort. it cannot be relied upon to do exactly what you want whenever you want it; but it can provide many benefits if you are patient and have reasonable expectations.

For those who would like to gain luxuries and wealth, Venus incense should be burned every day to attract such things. Also using a Road Opener spell to make possibe more chances for large amounts of money to enter your life should be used.

And most of all, don't forget what was said in Aradia:
Money I ne’er give, ’tis clear;
Only help to thee, my dear!

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