Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spells to Remove Bad Karma and Sin

PhotobucketI'm not one to believe in karma, myself -- at least not the way most people perceive it. I do, however, agree that guilt or embarrassment over a past deed can cause needless unhappiness in one's life.

Hoodoo folk magic doesn't traditionally possess a concept of karma, but it does acknowledge sin, which is all in all a pretty similar notion. There is a traditional ingredient for removing sin (or karma) and that is the herb hyssop. Its use for this purpose is given in the Bible. It is most commonly used in the form of a bath. One can either boil dried or fresh hyssop herb into a strong infusion and add it to the bath to free one's self from sin and karma, or one can simply buy it as a prepared bath such as this one (link.)

If one has been a very bad person, a formula mixture like Cast Off Evil may be used to help encourage one to give up bad habits and behaviors. Here's a strong spell for removing all kinds of sin, bad deeds and wickedness from one's conscience:
  • Hyssop bath
  • New Life oil
  • Cast Off Evil incense
  • 13 white candles (any size, though I would advise chime or tea light)
Prepare the candles by dressing them with New Life oil, and arrange a safe place for them and the incense to be burnt. If possible, whatever room that you are in the most would be an ideal location.

Start the spell by taking a hyssop bath. Remain in the water at least 30 minutes, and be sure to wet your head. Do not use any other soaps or shampoos in the bath, and do not rinse off afterward.

Once out of the tub, light your incense and one of the candles. Leave it alone to burn all the way down, however long it takes.

Each day, for the next 12 days, burn more incense and light another candle in this same manner, for a total of 13 days. Save all ashes and wax remains. When the spell is finished, take these and dispose of them in running water (a river or ocean is ideal, though a kitchen sink garbage disposal or a flush toilet can be resorted to if no other option presents.)

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