Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cleopatra Love Spells

Cleopatra: This is an exciting scent for lovers only. Rub it on the ear lobe, between fingers, and behind knees. Also place five drops upon each corner of the bed to excite the senses.

So says Anna Riva in Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils.

The word Cleopatra is Latinized Greek for "Famous Father" (kleos = glory or fame, patros = father) and was a popular name for the Greek Ptolemy queens of Egypt. "The" Cleopatra that usually comes to mind is Cleopatra VII, the last of the pharaohs.

And I ask, why the heck would anyone want to wind up like her in a love spell?

Frankly, the famous Cleopatra wasn't exactly a great example of a happy love life. She was forced to marry her brother, then had an affair with the already-married Julius Caesar till his murder, and then finally killed herself over Mark Anthony.

She also failed to preserve Egypt from being absorbed into the Roman empire. She wrote books on science and chemistry that were all lost.

She wasn't known in her time as any sort of great beauty -- some reports even say she had a goiter, and her possession of the so-called Ptolemy Schnozz is well documented.

The reputation of Cleopatra as a great seductress was based on negative political propaganda from Rome. In fact, what made her seem appealing to men of her age was not her beauty or sexiness or luxury, but her education. Women were dumb as bricks in those days -- they didn't usually get much in the way of education. But Cleopatra -- ! She spoke numerous languages and was well-instructed in science (Galen quotes from her!) and we can presume other intellectual pursuits. In other words she was a woman who could actually hold a reasonable conversation -- and probably in any major language you wanted, as she was also well known for her linguistic skills, including having been the first Pharaoh in hundreds of years to have troubled herself to actually learn to speak Egyptian instead of Greek. She also had a bit of good luck, in that she tended to bear sons to her boyfriends rather than daughters (or in the case of Anthony, a set of twins, one male one female.) This made her seem much better than their wives to whom they were already wed, who weren't doing as much.

A respectful Cleopatra oil, based on the truth would probably consist of -- King Solomon oil, frankly. That too is for wisdom and love, plus other things that Cleopatra strived for like success, beauty (many of her chemistry recipes were cosmetics) and wealth.

You can also trouble yourself with some male-heir rites while you're at it, to really capture the essence of the famous queen.

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