Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Communication Spells

Many times, usually for cases of love gone badly, folks request communication spells to make someone with whom they are no longer in touch call them. Most of the time these people don't want to initiate the contact themselves for whatever reason.

Some spells reputed to bring about communication are:

*Put a paper with your target's name written 9 times into a container of whiskey along with some black candle tobacco, and let it sit for 7 days. When the mixture is ready, spray it on whatever you want to hear from the person through -- your phone, your mailbox, your computer, etc.

*Write in cursive your name and the name of the target in a circle, without lifting your pen, such that the two names are joined together. (Go back and finish any crossed t's or dotted i's afterwards.) Jam two pins through the circle, such that the pins make an X shape crossing each other. Keep this paper by your computer, phone or whatever.

*Keep a paper in your shoe with your targets name written 7 times.

*Take a nutmeg and wrap it in a red ribbon while saying "__name__, you will contact me." Light a white candle and set the nutmeg near it, and let the candle burn an hour. Snuff the candle and then place the wrapped nutmeg by your phone, mailbox or computer.

*Get a coconut and drill a hole in it, and pour out the liquid. Into the coconut place a paper with your target's name 3 times written, and a piece of his/her hair, and 3 grains of paradise, sugar, and honey. Cork up the hole and every day for 9 days, take the coconut and shake it while commanding your friend to contact you. Dispose of the coconut after 9 days.

*Take a small bottle and put into it a name-paper of your target and a drop of mercury (or, safer and more available alternative, Mercury Oil.) Add a spoonful of water and 3 parrot feathers to the bottle. Cap the bottle and shake it daily, calling on the person to contact you.

I will tell you I have tried many of these kinds of spells, there is only one I've used that is routinely successful. It goes as follows:


Ganesha Yantra (on paper)
Black/Orange Double-Action Candle
Olive Oil
Jinx Killer Powder
Cleansing Oil
Lotus Incense

  • Begin by powdering some of the sugar, deerstongue and cinquefoil together till they are fine enough to use for a candle dressing. Also reserve some additional sugar as an offering.
  • Use the yantra to write the names of the people the spell is for 3x each in the usual manner (intersecting, one written over the other, to make a + shape.)
  • Butt the candle if needed, so the black side will burn first. On the black side of the candle carve a word describing what it is you don't want the target person to do (I tend to favor the semi-grammatical "ignorement.") On the orange side, carve what it is you do want ("correspondence" or "communication.")
  • Dress the black side of the candle with the Cleansing and Jinx Killer formulas. Dress the orange side with the oil and powdered herbs. Set the candle up in its burner.
  • Place the candle on the yantra and surround it with some more sugar. Also put some sugar in a little bowl and dedicate it to Ganesha.
  • Set the candle on the yantra, the light the incense and light the candle.
  • Let the candle and incense burn out and dispose of all spell materials in a crossroads when through.
Now, though this candle spell works uniformly in my experience, there are some things it does not do. It doesn't work if you don't initiate the contact in some way -- write an email or make a phonecall while the candle is burning. Next, it's a one-off in general -- it doesn't seem to breed a back-and forth exchange, just a one time response to your initiated communication. Finally, that response is not guaranteed to be favorable, and may merely consist of "Stop talking to me" or the like. Therefore, use with some caution.

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